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City Communications Timeline 
Showing Objective of Btax 
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December 2009 - Presentation by the Chief Building Official: 

2009 - Video Part 2/2 - Excerpts from the Nov 4. PGM and Dec. 7 Council 2009

2009 Economic Impact Analysis of Third Party Sign Tax, Professor D. Amborski

October 28, 2009 City Press Release

October 20th 2009 - Staff Report (word changed from 'support' to 'offset' for "City beautification, arts and culture (while public press releases and presentations to council still said 'support' - see above.)

2009 Objectives of New Sign Regulation and Revenue Strategy for the City Raised During Consultations 

2007 Presentation to Council: New Taxation Measures 

2001 - Culture Plan Youth Consultation Summary